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Chem Safe Services pride ourselves on our ability to always cater to the specific insurance related needs of our customers.

We offer a 24-hour emergency response service for all damage (most commonly water damage from leaks and burst plumbing) and have many years experience in mitigating any loss or damage, formally recording the incident details, reporting on the damage and providing competitive quotations for rectification works with a work guarantee.

Chem Safe Services has a strong reputation for providing end-to-end insurance claim services that reduce the pain and workload for both the insurer and the insured. We can provide tailored reports and services to meet the requirements of insurers and their assessors, subsequently reducing the cost to asses and settle claims, with minimal time delays.

For all information on Chem Safe Services insurance claim processes, call company Director, Michael Starke, on 0418 768 113.

Why Choose Us?

  24-hour emergency damage mitigation service

  Detailed damage reporting (photos, video, and written reports)

  All-in-one emergency response, reporting, and quoting service

  Priority servicing to ensure a rapid claim resolution

  Tailored reporting to suit specific policy requirements

  Guaranteed works for quality assurance and peace of mind

Services we Offer

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Our Director on Insurance Claims

After years working closely with insurers and assessors on insurance claims, I understand and adhere to the three key principles of insurance work; Loss mitigation, accurate and detailed reporting, and guaranteed works.

My business processes are designed to dramatically reduce friction for both insurers and the insured during claims, from my emergency after-hour response, to my guaranteed work, for peace of mind.

I am proud of my reputation as a service provider that not only provides exceptional service during claims, but also reduces time and costs associated with claims. Chem Safe Services saves insurers money, and saves insured parties time and stress.

Micheal StarkeOwner / Director of Chem Safe Services