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There are two ways to spring clean your home – do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company. While hiring for a residential cleaning in Brookfield can be fast and affordable, some people find that thoroughly cleaning their homes themselves is therapeutic. If you are in the latter group and want to tackle the cleaning task yourself, these DIY tips can help save you time and strife.

Get Prepared
Gather all the cleaning equipment you’ll need and place it all in a bucket so it will be easy to carry along with you. Having everything with you will prevent unnecessary steps and wasted time running back and forth. Place an all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, cloths, paper towels, duster and other basic cleaning supplies in your bucket to carry along with you as you move from room to room.

Start at the Far End
Start the spring cleaning in the room that is furthest away from the exterior door used to enter and exit your home. Odds are that you will be going in and out often during your spring cleaning to empty trash, take items to the garage, etc. If you start near the entrance you can track dirt that can undo the work that you’ve already accomplished.

Right to Left
Methodically working your way around a room can save you time and makes sure that you don’t miss any areas. Start in the right hand corner of a room and work your way around the room from top to bottom. Open windows, take down curtains for laundering or dry cleaning, sweep screens, wash windows, frames and sills, remove contents from drawers and wipe down the inside of each drawer.

Dampen a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down light fixtures in the room, switch plates, door frames and baseboards. Dust furniture, wall art and other fixtures. If you have not cleaned out your closets in a while, this is a great time to tackle that task as well. Finish off the room by cleaning the floor, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming your way backward out of the room.

If your home has a hallway, clean the main rooms first Finish with the hallway, again cleaning fixtures, furniture and decorations as you go. Once finished, clean your floors working your way out of the hallway.

Start at the furthest part of the bathroom and clean as you go out once again. Using a safe disinfectant spray in your drawers can help mitigate any leftover grime from bathroom items. Discard any expired or old items that will not be used. After returning the rest of your other products clean your mirror, light fixture and wash your window if there is one. Save washing your bathroom surfaces for the end, with your floors being the last step.