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Australia has the highest use of methamphetamine in the English-speaking world and this number continues to grow dramatically every year. This problem isn’t going to go away.

Did you know that regular meth use in a home can contaminate surfaces with chemical residues which can return readings as high as those produced by a home used as a meth lab?

A property only requires meth to be smoked inside it approximately 20 times to be contaminated enough to be unhealthy to live in by Australian standards. It is the property owners responsibility to ensure their property is safe for habitation. Early detection of a contaminated property makes remediation less expensive. It’s important to remember that detection of meth residue within a property is as important as a leaking roof or termite issue.

Chemical residues left behind by meth use are toxic and can cause both immediate and long-term health issues. These can include respiratory complications, allergic reactions, chemical poisoning, severe headaches and nausea, unexplained rashes, miscarriage or birth defect, and psychological disorders, and children are most at risk to the effects. Children can also experience behavioural problems and sleep pattern changes.

Painting a property that has been contaminated by a meth user or used as a clandestine drug laboratory is NOT a cleanup option as paint can only encapsulate the contamination for approximately 5 months.

Chem Safe Services recently completed a Meth Screening Training course through Decon Systems which covered the associated issues caused by meth use and manufacture of meth, health and safety issues including a risk assessment of the site and personal protective equipment usage during cleanup. We are now trained to identify contaminated properties, take multiple meth samples in appropriate locations throughout a property to obtain instant results and we can also send the sample to a laboratory for detailed testing to report on the amount of contamination and specific areas.

Protect yourself from liability and financial loss by ensuring your property is safe for habitation by using a credible professional trained to complete meth screening. If you require a meth screen for your property, click the button below and contact us today.


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