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In the event of a water damage event, burst pipe, storm damage, flood inundation, leaking roof etc, it is very important you take the necessary steps listed below to minimise the damage resulting from the water damage.

Here is a list of task you may want to do in the event of water damage. This list is only general and not to be taken as advice. The best action you can take if a water damage event occurs at your home, is to call Chem Safe Services Cairns to do everything for you as they have specialised extraction equipment to handle any water damage. You can make a cuppa and relax while the experts take control?


·      Call the Chem Safe Services 24hr hotline 0740542333 and we will be onsite to assist very quickly.

·      Call insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage.

·      Find the water source and shut it off. (If possible)

·      Check if there are any electrical appliances in harms way, turn the power off to your house at the switch board, stop and wait for professional assistance

·      Use dry cloths to wife furniture and surfaces dry

·      Lift curtains off carpet, loop through a coat hanger, and place the hanger on the curtain rod.

·      Try to lift your furniture off the floor. You can use wooden block, plastic bags, or aluminium foil under furniture legs to isolate them from the water.

·      Remove dry rugs and mats from affected area, be careful listing they could be heavy, alternatively wait for assistance.

·      Move and store your valuable personal items, such as photo, photo frames, wall hangings, artwork in a dry safe place.

·      Move all wet clothing and fabrics to a dry place to dry.

·      Remove damp books from shelves and spread out to dry.


·      Do not use an ordinary household vacuum to remove water.

·      Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or wet floors.

·      Do not go into rooms with standing water if the electricity is still on.

·      Do not lift tacked down carpet without professional help.

·      Lifting the carpet incorrectly could promote shrinkage and damage.



Water damage in a home can cause bacteria to start growing within hours. If is really important as a home owner to act quickly. You may be able to reduce the damage by doing some of the items listed above. If you can quickly identify the source of the water, and try to stop it, this will help immensely. Although you may be able to claim the whole repair on insurance, the more damage  that needs fixing means the more time it will take to fix, and no one wants to be out of their home for any period of time. Its in your best interest to act quickly.

Call Chem Safe services on our 24 hour water damage hotline. We can be there very quickly and start the process and hopefully reduce the water damage.