Chem Safe Now Offers Meth Screening For Your Property

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Australia has the highest use of methamphetamine in the English-speaking world and this number continues to grow dramatically every year. This problem isn’t going to go away.

Did you know that regular meth use in a home can contaminate surfaces with chemical residues which can return readings as high as those produced by a home used as a meth lab?

A property only requires meth to be smoked inside it approximately 20 times to be contaminated enough to be unhealthy to live in by Australian standards. It is the property owners responsibility to ensure their property is safe for habitation. Early detection of a contaminated property makes remediation less expensive. It’s important to remember that detection of meth residue within a property is as important as a leaking roof or termite issue.

Chemical residues left behind by meth use are toxic and can cause both immediate and long-term health issues. These can include respiratory complications, allergic reactions, chemical poisoning, severe headaches and nausea, unexplained rashes, miscarriage or birth defect, and psychological disorders, and children are most at risk to the effects. Children can also experience behavioural problems and sleep pattern changes.

Painting a property that has been contaminated by a meth user or used as a clandestine drug laboratory is NOT a cleanup option as paint can only encapsulate the contamination for approximately 5 months.

Chem Safe Services recently completed a Meth Screening Training course through Decon Systems which covered the associated issues caused by meth use and manufacture of meth, health and safety issues including a risk assessment of the site and personal protective equipment usage during cleanup. We are now trained to identify contaminated properties, take multiple meth samples in appropriate locations throughout a property to obtain instant results and we can also send the sample to a laboratory for detailed testing to report on the amount of contamination and specific areas.

Protect yourself from liability and financial loss by ensuring your property is safe for habitation by using a credible professional trained to complete meth screening. If you require a meth screen for your property, click the button below and contact us today.


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Chem Safe Water Damage Services flooding loungeroom

Wet Carpet – Water Damage Restoration Questions

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Wet Carpet – Should it stay or should it go?


Most households have carpet in some part of their house. A water damage / flooding event can result in wet carpet. Wet carpet not only smells bad, but quite rapidly becomes a health risk when mould starts growing. And it happens quicker then you think. When Chem Safe Water Damage Services is called out to a wet carpet / water damage job we assess the situation and by considering the following things, before making the call about whether the carpet can be safely dried, saved and restored or pulled out and disposed of.

The Top 5 Causes of Water Damage in your home

When did the water event occur, and how long has the carpet been wet?

The length of time the carpet has been wet can greatly impact on how quickly mould can start growing. The longer it takes for us to get to it, the more likely mould has taken hold. This will impact the decision to dry, clean, and sanitise the carpet.


What category of water inundated the carpet?

Clean Water

Clean water is water that doesn’t pose any harm when it comes in contact with living elements and doesn’t contain any contaminants.

  • Burst flexi hoses under the sink for instance contain clean water.
  • Carpet is more likely able to be saved if clean water inundates it. We will dry the carpet, underlay and sub flooring, then sanitise with an antimicrobial treatment and our thorough steam carpet cleaning process

Grey Water

Grey water is unsanitary and contains levels of contamination that would not be safe for consumption. This type of water is dangerous and only a professional should clean it up.

  • Example sources of grey water include Water discharge from household appliances, i.e. washing machine, dishwasher.
  • A much more stringent cleaning and sanitizing process needs to occur to save grey water affected carpet and this is sometimes deemed uneconomical

Black Water

Black water is harmful to all living organisms and could cause death or serious illness if consumed. The water doesn’t have to look “black” – it can be clear and/or odorless, but it can still be very dangerous.

  • Examples of black water include; toilet water, sewerage, groundwater, sewer water, sea water
  • Black Water need to be cleaned up by a professional with the right equipment to make sure you are not exposing yourself to harmful bacteria now and down the track.
  • Carpet is more then likely disposed of in this event, as it isn’t deemed uneconomical to try to restore and sanitise.


Has the water damage caused permanent damage to the carpet, like stains and has the carpet backing delaminated?

If it has then it will likely be required to be removed, the floor dried, and the carpet replaced.


Is there already Mould Damage on the carpet?

If we can already see or smell mould damage the carpet is already dangerous, and should not be dried or attempted to be repair. We will safely dispose of the carpet.


Our Wet Carpet Water Damage Assessment process allows us to quickly identify the next course of action. With 15 years experience in Water Damage and Wet Carpet Drying services, we are well equipped to help you make a decision that is safe for your family now and in the future, with being mindful about the economic aspect of the job. In a nutshell if we can save your carpet, and we don’t think it will cause an issue we will, if not, its out with the old and in with the new.


If you have and existing water damage, or have had an area of wet carpet in the past due to flooding, leaking pipes, or even leaving a door or windows open, call Michael from Chem Safe Water Damage Services for a free inspection and some helpful advice. Don’t risk it mouldy carpet is the worst.

Wet Carpet Dryer Cairns Micahel Starke winding up hose

Dont risk your families health after your carpet has been wet. Call Michael doday for a Water Damage Inspection

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Water Damage – Top 5 Causes In Your Home

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We often get called out to a water damage restoration job as the first point of inspection, and quite quickly we can tell what has caused the water damage. With over 15 years of attending and restoring water damage jobs, we see some weird and wonderful causes. More then likely the cause will be one of the items listed below. Some of which with regular inspection or maintenance could reduce the chances of the event happening. Read our list of the top 5 most common causes of water damage in homes.

Top 5 Causes of Water Damage in your home

  1. Flexi Hoses Leaking / Burstingunder sink flexi hose burst pipe flooded kitchen.jpg

In our experience, the number one cause of water damage would have to be Flexi Hoses bursting or leaking. Flexi Hoses are the hoses that are found under your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and even toilet, and connect the mains water inlet to each tap. Commonly they have stainless steel braided sheath. When damaged or weakened due to rust or a breakdown of the material. These hoses can leak / or burst,  flooding  your home and causing extensive water damage. It pays to check your flexi hoses at regular intervals and replace every 5 years to make sure you don’t get a nasty surprise.


  1. Dishwasher and Washing Machine Internal Pipes

We quite often get called to Water Damage Restoration jobs where a house is flooded due to the hoses on either the dishwasher or the washing machine bursting. As these pipes are quite commonly out of site and out of mind it is hard to prevent. Just make sure if your washing machine and dishwasher are over 5 years old, give them a quick inspection and make sure the rubber hose isn’t perishing. If it is, give you appliance technician a call to replace them. It could save you big time down the track.


  1. Leaking Plumdingerwater damage cairns leaking pipe plumbdinger

It sure sounds like a funny name for a professional item, a bit like the thingy-ma‐jig. However a Plumdinger is a small item that connects the bathtub drain to the plumbing pipe below. Chem Safe have attended a lot of water damage jobs where the Plumdinger was the cause. Over time, through movement and use, it can work its way loose and then all of a sudden start leaking water under the bathtub unbeknownst to the home owner, causing extensive water damage over time.

There is a phillips head screw that requires to be nipped up tighter every 6 months or so. This should minimize your chances of an issue occurring.


  1. Cyclone , Storm, Heavy Rain Water Damage

Most people think this is our main source of work, but the truth is, burst pipes happen far more often then nasty weather events, thankfully. We all love living in QLD and as a part of that, we frequently have to experience quite serious weather events. Storms and flooding can cause internal water damage in homes, by water or rain entering through window frames, under doors, flying debris causing smashed windows, tree branches damaging the roof causing it to leak. These are just some of the ways a weather event can cause water damage in your home.

There is no real way to protect from this type of water damage except following standard storm preparation processes as outlined by local authorities. Chem Safe Water Damage Services are there to help and mitigate the damage. We have performed water damage restoration work to storm affected areas in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Mount Isa, Cairns, Cooktown and Weipa over the last 15 years.


  1. Air conditioner drain pipes

Queenslanders all need and love their air conditioners, but in winter we turn them off until the heat of summer kicks in. Did you know that air conditioners have a drain pipe that when in use constantly moves water to the outside of your house. With the lack of use over the cooler months and full on use in summer, we have seen these pipes blocked with all sorts of things, from geckos and wasp nests to render and paint covering them on newly built or renovated houses.

A yearly service will fix this and also keep the air conditioner running at its best. A blocked air conditioner pipe can cause internal damage to your walls and floors if left unchecked.


In addition to these causes, we have also seen things like water filters, hot water systems, plastic piping in the ceiling, sink overflows, burst mains pipes, leaking toilets, blocked gutters and even a burst fish tank cause all ranges of water damage in peoples homes. Water damage is always an unwanted, unexpected nasty surprise. If it ever happens to you, then be sure to call us as soon as you notice, so we can get there quick, and help you minimise the damage caused.


If you suspect you make have some water damage in your home, even over the longer term (ie you have suspected it for a while), call Michael for a free inspection.